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IMOS On-Prem - Security

 This is a Key Topic, with high value for all users.

Only users configured as IMOS Security Administrators can perform the actions described in this article.

IMOS Security is designed to protect data and prevent unauthorized access to the IMOS environment. The Security system manages all user rights on the IMOS system. For each user and/or group, you can assign rights to perform the functions related to each module and object in IMOS.

Configuring IMOS Security

To create a secure environment, we recommend that the database connection be configured for SQL authentication. Individual users can then either be provided an IMOS login or use Windows Authentication to gain access to the system without having direct access to the database. For information on editing the imosEnv.xml file to disable Trusted_Connection and using a SQL login and password, see Installing IMOS7. Also note that for this to be secure, the application server on which the imosauth.exe service is running should not be accessible by individual non-administrative users; otherwise, they could simply look up usernames and passwords.

Setting Up Security for Individual Users and Groups

To set up IMOS Security:

  1. In the Data Center

    , under Quick Links, click


  2. On the Security List:

    1. Create groups and/or create Active Directory Groups and assign module and object rights.

    2. Create users.

      1. Assign users to groups.

      2. Assign user module and object rights or adjust user rights inherited from groups.

Note: We recommend that you create groups and assign rights to them before you create individual users. You might find it more efficient to categorize users in groups and then adjust rights for individuals, rather than starting from scratch for each user. 

Creating groups and creating users are nearly identical tasks, with nearly the same window tabs:


    • Group or User

    • Membership

    • Module Rights

    • Object Rights

Once these steps are complete, users can use their credentials on the Login page. If IMOS verifies their credentials, IMOS starts.

Note: With configuration flag CFGEnableDistributionLists, you can also create Distribution Lists for reports.

Reports in the Security List

When you click the Report button, you can run the following reports:

  • Security List Report: The same view as in Security List

  • User/Group Report: A report that details all of the individual permissions that were assigned to a user/group

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