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IMOS On-Prem - Filters

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In the Filters section of the Report Editor, you can set filters to hone in on the range of data you want to see, such as specific dates, and control the volume of data. You can set as many filters as you want, as long as they do not contradict each other. The filters that are set are listed at the top of the report.

To set up Filters for the report:

  1. To add a new filter, click .
  2. Select a Column to filter by.
  3. Select a comparison Operator.
  4. Select a Value or <ask the user>. When you select <ask the user>, a prompt asks the user to enter the value when the report is run.
    • For values for which you must specify the text, another field appears where you can enter it.
    • For columns whose value is a date:
      • You can select values such as today, this month, year to date, or select days in the past: or days in the future: and specify a number of days, or the date: and specify a date.
      • You can enter the date in any of various formats: 02nov09, 21109, or 021109, and press Enter. The value is converted to standard format (02/11/09). You can also use the calendar to pick the date, which is automatically formatted.
    • To add another value, click .
  5. To add another filter, click .

Period Range GMT overlaps range filtering enables you to include items that happened on the same date/time or before the previous ones finished.

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