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IMOS On-Prem - Columns

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In the Columns section of the Report Editor, you select the specific columns of data to include on the report and determine their sequence on the report. You can also set their properties in the Column Properties section. Select each column to set column's properties. You can specify the Title Header, Format String, Justification, and Width. You can also apply conditional formatting to each selected column, such as custom text and background color.

Data Objects

Reporting data objects are highlighted in bold in the Report Editor and can be expanded to allow all data fields associated with the object to be included in a report:

Setting Up Columns

To set up columns for the report:

  1. In the list of Available Columns, select one or more columns for the report.
    • To select multiple consecutive columns, hold down Shift while you select.
    • To select multiple nonconsecutive columns, hold down Ctrl while you select.
  2. To add the selected column or columns to the list of Report Columns, click . To remove a column from the report, select it and click . You must add at least one column to the report to be able to save it.
  3. To change the column sequence in the report, select one or more column names and then click:
    • To move it to the top of the list (the first column in the report)
    • To move it up in the list
    • To move it down in the list
    • To move it to the bottom of the list (the last column in the report)
  4. To change Column Properties for a column, select it in the list of Report Columns. Its properties appear to the right, and you can edit them.
    • Format String: For columns of numeric or date/time types, you can select a Format code for its values; it should be in a standard .NET format. For more information, see .NET Standard Formats.
    • Custom Expression: You can add a custom column to the report that will display calculated values based on a formula and/or an expression you specify for it.

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