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IMOS On-Prem - Configuration Flag List

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Users need to be a security administrator in order to access the configuration flag list.

To manage configuration flags, in the Data Center , under Quick Links, click Configuration Flags. 

Even if a flag was not explicitly set in the past, it appears with its Default Value, if applicable.

Finding a Flag

To find the full or partial name of a configuration flag or a word or phrase in a description:

  1. Click a line in the list and then type Ctrl + F.
  2. Type the search term and select other options.
  3. Click Find Next.

Users can also search for Custom Flags if the desired flag does not appear in the list. To do so:

  1. Click the Custom Flag button and paste the full name of the Configuration Flag into the Name field:

Editing a Flag

To change a flag's value:

  1. Click the Edit link in its row.
  2. In the Configuration Flag Editor, replace the Value and then click OK. The Value of a String-type flag can be cleared.

Importing/Exporting Configuration Flags

In the Configuration Flag List:

  • To export configuration flags, click  and then click Export Configuration Flags. This will generate an XML file that can be sent for importing.
  • To import configuration flags, click  and then click Import Configuration Flags. Select the XML file to import.

Note: If you select Export Data to CSV or Export Data to XML, the format is not suitable for importing into another IMOS environment.

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